• All About Business Specialist Victor Cozzone

  • Posted on June 21, 2018
  • If you were looking for Victor Cozzone these days, you will find him working hard as a sales specialist with the Lowe’s store in Chester County, Pennsylvania, where he has helped to operate their professional division for the last two years, ever since he kind of returned to his actual roots. At one point earlier in his career, when owned and operated a business called All About Concrete, which did a lot of commercial and residential concrete work and received numerous awards over the years. Victor himself was also certified through ACI for his skill working with concrete.

    He owned and ran that company for about a decade, which is when Victor Cozzone switched careers and worked as a financial advisor in the Pennsylvania offices of several major brokerages, which is where he guided individuals and companies to greater financial prosperity. Regardless of where he achieved his professional success, Victor Cozzone believes that attitude is more determinative of success than anything else in their life. And he has proven that theory time and time again.

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